Escape (Poem)


by Anthony J

CN: Generally Depressive, Implied Toxic Relationships

You suffer in silence,

For those so uncaring.

One day might mean…


So long as you're daring.

Amidst the dismay,

The courage, the rot.

It all ends so soon,

Sooner than

You thought.

The days bleed by slowly,

But it all rushes through in the end.

In the darkness you stumble,


Someone, your friend.

The edges are blurred,

Escape comes so soon.

The end is nigh,

So soon,

You will bloom.

The clouds part ways,

So quietly, like mist.

Your beholders they miss you,

But really,

They're pissed.

The past creeps on forward,

Haunting today and tomorrow.

But guess what?

You're gone.

No longer, can they drown you in sorrow.

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