Poem – “Effigy”

Here’s a poem from a couple weeks ago, about the downfall of humanity. Depressing poetry is a good way to release some frustration.

CN: Apocalyptic Themes, both climate and nuclear


by Anthony J. (aka Jank Hambrams)

An effigy
Of our disgrace
Unending hubris
Of the human race

Dawn rises
The moon falls
To our doom
Our species crawls

Nuclear power
Is just for show
Environmental destruction
Is how we will go

A poisonous kiss
Within the fog
Death comes slow
Just breathe the smog

But the end
It need not come
But doing better
Just doesn't seem fun

Who can say
The price we pay
Fuck tomorrow
We live for today

So when it comes
When rent is due
It will be over
Through and through

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