Poem – “Render”


by Anthony Jutz

CN: Flaying, Self-Cannibalism,

Rend the flesh from my bone,

Peel the skin like a rind.

Just to eat myself whole,

Leave nothing to find.

Make not a sound,

Stifle haggard breath.

If I don’t even quiver,

I could fake my own death.

Perhaps for a moment,

Or three if you will,

I could find some solace,

On the other side of the hill.

The breeze blows quite gently,

Carrying rain in its midst.

Let’s just hope I’m forgotten,

To become one with the mist.

Like stones in a river,

Worn down to nothing but sand.

I’ll leave this place forever,

With not even a wave of the hand.

For all I want is peace,

Just one peaceful day.

My mind finally at ease,

Just imagination at play.

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