Hello and welcome to the Internet home of Anthony Jutz! Online I also go by Jank Hambrams as a creative alias.

I am a creative who enjoys working in several different media. Primarily, I am a visual artist. Landscapes are my favorite subject, but I enjoy creating characters and comics, too. I also write absurdist and horror fiction and make oddball electronic music. Everything I do has a strong sense of place and character, with implied story to it.

If you’re looking for merch or other ways to support my work, it can be found on platforms via the following links:

Patreon – a subscription platform with a monthly sticker and print pack, or general support on offer.

Ko-Fi – a small shop platform where I offer stickers, small prints, and other items shipped directly from me. — Shop is currently closed but shall open before too long!

Inprnt – an artist-friendly shop that sells high-quality prints and similar items.

Spring – a print-on-demand store that sells high-quality T-Shirts, mugs, and other fun items.

Bandcamp – a music platform where you can purchase the music I’ve released.

Digitally-colored ink drawing of a vibrantly-colored industrial tower resting upon a mound of large rocks. It is surrounded by colorful, puffy trees,there's layers of storm clouds behind it, and there's a cracked planet with a ring around it visible in the sky.

Thank you for checking out what I’ve got going on!

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