A digitally-colored scene of a few blocky structures surrounded by craggly trees, some with eyes. There is a portal in the wall of one of the structures, and on top of it is a strange construct made of two horns with three orbs floating in-between. On another structure is an imp who appears to be the tender of and spawn of the weird trees.

November 2023 Art Update

It has been way too long since I’ve shared recent works here, so, here goes!

Above are a bunch of recent-ish watercolors. I haven’t done a whole ton of those this year, but I really enjoyed working on them.

Pen drawing of some floating islands with a house, a waterfall, all colored with colored pencil

I have also been doing a bunch of line drawings like these — and a TON of these little prop doodles. They are fun.

Four drink glasses, one shaped like a boot, with trees growing from them

I have also picked up a small drawing tablet and been coloring things I draw in pen, digitally. It’s fun exploring these more surreal scenes.

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