October 2022 Art Dump

Heh, been a little while since I’ve shared anything here, huh. Been a wild and weird and utterly perplexing year! I’ve been poking away at stuff as per usual, seeing what neat and interesting things I can come up with. Probably better to show than tell, so, here ya go:

Oh, and [CN: Eyeballs] in case you don’t like eyeballs or have trypophobia

  • Digital illustration of a ramshackle city in a desert with a purple road flanked by stones and trees leading to it, and turquoise clouds in the sky
  • Ramshackle city on a floating island with a dragon and clouds in the air around it and a purple desert with a lake beneath it
  • A tree in a small clearing with some eyeballs growing on it and the ground around it
  • A shepherd wearing a wide hat and wielding a crook, on a small path surrounding by trees and eyeball-like stones
  • Weird, insectoid robot in front of a purple cliff and surrounded by stones and a tree with eyeballs on it

This is pretty much what I’ve had going on besides a bunch of rather time-consuming life things: digitally coloring my ink sketches. I’m amazed that my 4yr old license of Clip Studio Paint, that I never used, still works. Did a bunch of messy doodles that lead up to these, but I might share them later.

I was inspired to mix things up when a friend asked me if I’d be interested in doing a t-shirt design for them (which… I still gotta work out more of lol, adding characters is a challenge I’m still working to achieve).

I realized that watercolors don’t print on shirts well, so I figured hey I gotta color it digitally. So I started poking at that. Then I realized they wanted characters, so I started figuring out a style and process for those. You can see an example of how one I tried out looks in the slideshow above.

Also… castles. So I started poking at architecture. Of course, the architecture in my sketches above is in a very expressive and simple style. It’s fun to draw and pleases my eyes, so I keep at it.

There’s also a bunch of neat robots and stuff I’ve drawn, one of which is in the last slide above. Oddball robots are awesome. It’s been a lot of going down the rabbit hole and seeing what neat idea I can mess around with as it holds my interest.

So… yeah. That’s some of what I’ve been up to. Did you know I have a print shop now? Hell yeah I do. That’s another nice bonus of my process: I can turn a small ink sketch into a digital format, add color, and it scales up from 4×6″ sketches to a full 12×17″ print that you can put on your wall! They look good.

Here’s a link to that: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/jankhambrams/

Anyway, that’s all for now! Y’all have a safe autumn and winter.

January Art Thoughts

Hey friends! Figured I’d write up some thoughts I’m having on Twitter, and share some art I’ve done in the last little bit.

Here’s a tree I sketched out for my dad’s birthday recently, with some indigo paints a friend gifted me and some muddy-green ink I picked up that I really like.

Here’s some thoughts I posted to Twitter today, that I think are a nice bit of insight to keep me going:

I can’t remember who posted it, but I saw something like “artists need plenty of time to do nothing”, and honestly? For real. Making stuff, at least for me, requires a massive amount of focus and energy to channel things onto paper. That, on top of more typical life shit lol.

So with that in mind I feel better about not hammering stuff out like in an assembly line. And even if I was? Still would need proper rest time.

A healthy boundary I’m developing in regard to my ambitions, is “what I do and can do is good enough.” I see all this cool shit people make that I love the look of, and instead of having high expectations I just let myself make what I make and do a loose study if I’m so inclined.

I’m hitting a point where I’m fairly content with my level of skill and craft. I am playing around and figuring out what I wanna say, beyond making neat little vignettes to soothe my soul with. Biggest things seem to be “ha isn’t life fucking absurd” and “just gotta keep going.”

I think these speak for themselves, for the most part, but I’ll elaborate a bit just for my own sake, to get some more thoughts out.

A big thing I ran into for ages was having lofty ideals and ambitions, with no clear idea how to get there and limited energy just to brute force it. Even despite that, I’m proud of a lot of what I’ve done and the personal growth I’ve had.

My goal moving forward is self-fulfillment and sustainability. And remembering to live. Art isn’t just putting marks on a page. Music isn’t just hammering out some notes. A big part of it is in studying from life and studying craft — this includes not just learning to do the thing, but learning to say what I want with the thing.

Much of this is related to like, finding the light in the darkness. The world is a deeply chaotic, often unpleasant, but also beautiful place. Giving contrast to and bringing awareness to parts of it can really be enlightening and also sometimes encouraging, despite the deeply dark parts of reality.

Existence, this planet, the things we’ve got, us… it’s all an extremely unlikely thing in this infinite universe we live in. And there’s a lot to do if we’re going to keep existing, but that’s not the focus of this post.

I guess my point is, keep going, keep doing the thing, appreciate it ’til we can’t. I dunno, this post got more existential than I anticipated. I hope y’all got something out of this post, too!

Drawing Process: Dr. Petrol

Hey everyone! I figured now is a good time to post some of my current process for drawing. Today’s process is of a character I’ve been developing: Dr. Petrol. They’re part of a biological incident clean-up crew, and that’s about as far as I’m at for backstory so far.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the photos and explanations!

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