ODP: The Cave

Hey everyone! Now feels like a good time to make a post about my current project: I’m making another small video game!

Ominous Doom Planet: The Cave is a narrative platforming game about a space exploring scientist getting lost in a deep cave filled with dark secrets. What forbidden knowledge will they gain from this chasm on a planet on the edge of reality? Well, you’ll have to wait til it’s finished to find out!

Here’s some screenshots of what I’ve got of it so far!

As you can see, I’ve got the basic art and enemy AI working, in addition to having tileset going. There’s also some invisible things such as features that make level design a much more expedient process. Also not shown is player movement and jump physics.

This was achieved in the first couple weeks of development.

During the third week of development, I got dialogue boxes working, including creating my own font and outline sprites. This coming week, I’m hoping to get multiple lines of dialogue working from the same interactive object.

I’m posting updates every week on Twitter, to the #ominousdoomplanet hashtag. Hopefully the game will be out by summer, depending on how everything goes! See you next time!

Some old pixels

Yo dudes, I figured I’d collect some old pixel art here, to share with you all. I was really into pixel art in 2014-2016. Been taking a break from it though ever since I determined that game dev isn’t for me, at least for the time being.

This bonsai was one of the first things I ever did. There were a few iterations before it, but I’m quite pleased with how I managed to capture the organic feel of it.

This orb was from a random prompt generator, which gave me “sphere from the fall”, and this was my interpretation.

This one I called “The Drunken Gods Coalesce”, and I feel it has the most interesting composition of the square pixels I did back in early 2015 (most of which aren’t pictured here–not all of them were interesting).

The three illustrations above (pardon the blurriness in some, they resized oddly) were a progression of my taking an idea and shaping it further and further into something interesting. At this stage of my art career I wasn’t the greatest at adding contrast, as I was afraid of using darker tones, but it was a good learning experience. I still like the sense of depth I achieved, however.

I called this piece “Woken Being of Light”. I spent about 10hrs working on this, and as you can probably tell, it’s where my avatar/logo came from. I rather like how well the lighting and contrast came out on this.

This one was fun to do. It’s of and called “The Hungry Door”, which I did with the intent of making something creepy and nostalgic.

This is a commission I did of a cyber-witch for a friend, early last year. The contrast in it still leans toward the lighter side. This is the last piece I made in Photoshop before switching completely to Aseprite.

Anyway, thank you for reading my short excursion into my earlier days of doing pixel art! I’ll post some of my newer things, including some unused game concepts, sometime.



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