Art Update 2 October 2017

Here’s what I did this past week!

So, last week I worked on my character design and drawing skills. I have an idea for some mini-comics in the works, and I really want to step my game up and do some cartoon-y characters that are a bit more based off of reality, at least proportion-wise and such.







Above are the more noteworthy things I did, in order from newest to oldest. I definitely started getting the clothing folds down much better in the newest (left), as well as figuring out shading a bit more. I’m going to keep at it this week and hopefully get a comic at least planned out.

My goal for the comic is to have some one-shot mini-comics at most three or four pages long, with them having characters discussing absurd concepts and other things I find interesting or amusing.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!  If you’d like to connect with me elsewhere, I have a Twitter, a Patreon, and I also stream on Mixer!

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