Flash Fiction – “Sky Lazer”

Hey friends! I had the inkling to do some more writing and I’m rather proud of this one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

[CW: (non-graphic) suicide, child death]

Sky Lazer

by Anthony Jutz

It was bed time for Little Jimmy, but Little Jimmy couldn’t go to bed without saying his nightly prayers.

“Oh Sky God, Oh Sky Goddess, would you please bless me this cold September evening with transcendence. I’ve done my chores! I’ve brushed my teeth! Please oh please eradicate me with your Sky Lazer,” Little Jimmy prayed, “I love you and please grant me this wish! Amen.”

Ah, but it was a lucky night for Little Jimmy. He was the winner of the prayer lottery this eve, with the mind-reading orbital strike laser platform, Annihilatron, being synchronized in perfect orbit to grant Little Jimmy’s wish.

Annihilatron charged up its capacitors, focused its scope, and blasted Little Jimmy to kingdom come. Naught but a smoldering crater of Little Jimmy’s neighborhood remained.


Prose – “The Wandering Bell”

The Wandering Bell

By Anthony Jutz

My bell echoes its whisper on the cool, damp breeze through the ruins of my village. It provides a ward against the hungering ghosts of my friends and family, who didn’t survive the wrath of another man’s god. I rummage through the remains of my ancestral home, longing for a keepsake, or at least some semblance of a reminder of where I came from.

I can feel their ice-hot breath breathing down my neck, blinding by their own rage and betrayal. It wasn’t me who gave away the secrets of our village’s ancient, magical defenses, but I was outside the walls when it happened. They don’t recognize me anymore.

No longer able to tolerate the air of spiteful remorse, I leave the village with a small pouch of seeds exclusive to my home. With all that was turned to ashes, someone needs to sew fresh growth upon this land. My magic within shall be the only memento I need.