Art Update 23 December 2017

Happy holidays, everyone! I’ve got a double art update for you this week!

I spent the past couple weeks working on my mental health, which included art therapy, and so I’ve done a bunch of studies and started working on another project.

Here’s some drawings from imagination for that new project! I won’t spoil anything as it’s still early in development, but I hope you enjoy!

As you can see here, it’s got a nautical vibe to it, but hardly any water too be found!

Ships like this are a common site, and frequently have small communities within them.

Crude airships are a popular form of transportation as well.

I feel this last one speaks for itself, in the direction I’m wanting to take this.

Alright, onto some more good stuff of a different variety: Fallout 3 studies! I brought my Fallout 3 art book to art therapy and did my own interpretations of the designs contained within.

None of these are original, but I did modify one a bit. You’ll be able to tell which, as it’s what inspired my above drawings!

Here’s the first couple studies I did. Robots and metal are surprisingly fun to draw. I love all the wires and shiny bits.

This deathclaw was a blast to study. The monster designs in these games are so good.

I’m really happy with this interpretation of the Protectron. And as you can probably guess, the study on the right is the one that inspired my new project. I love buildings on stilts, and huge, cloudy vistas. The structure itself is mostly a study, but I did add the environment to it.

I love this early Robobrain concept. It’s got a really cool character to it, and I’m kinda sad they didn’t go with it in the games, but I understand why they didn’t.

Anyway, that’s the end of my sketches and studies! Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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